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Yes, for the numbers that returned an error. The only error message that does not require resubmission of information is, “Birth date DD-MMM-YY and birthdate method AB provided for tag 000000124000299999999 match its current birthdate information.” As this error is letting you know that the information already exists in the CLTS database.

If your submission results show errors, the information did not process correctly. You will have to assess the information to determine why it failed, then correct it and re-submit.

Click here for the steps to check the status and results of your transaction. Click here or the most common errors and their solutions.

Successful events can be deactivated. Deactivating an event will not resolve an error on a transaction. The three methods of deactivation are listed below.

Deactivating Single Event: use this method to deactivate a single event for one tag/indicator at a time.

Deactivating a Transaction: use this method to deactivate all successful events on a transaction.

Note: Birth Date events cannot be deactivated using this method. Refer to Deactivating Single Event or Deactivating Through File Upload when deactivating birthdates or contact CCIA at 1-877-909-2333.

Deactivating Through File Upload: This is an advanced method which is used to deactivate specific events for individual tags/indicators or tag/indicator ranges from one or more successful transactions. If you require assistance with this option please contact CCIA at 1-877-909-2333.

Click here to access the instructions for each method.

There can only be one event at the same time for a tag/indicator in the CLTS database.

This error may appear when entering other events, but should not with birthdates.

To correct this error, confirm that the information has not already been submitted by performing a Tag/Animal History search.  Click here for instructions.

If the event has not already been submitted successfully, re-submit the information but use a time stamp when entering the date. e.g. YYYYMMDD should be changed to YYYYMMDDHHMM

Tag ____ is not in possession of _____. This tag/indicator number is not in your account inventory. If you are submitting a Replaced or Cross Reference event, a Move In event is required first.

Account_____ is not the issued destination account for tag 124000299999999. This error often will appear when attempting to age verify your animals. The error means that the tag/indicator is not part of your inventory.  If you are the original owner of that tag/indicator contact CCIA at 1-877-909-2333 or email, to correct this. If you are not the herd of origin for the tag/indicator, you are unable to submit birth date information.