Order Tags

Order Tags

CLTS MOBO is a mobile version of the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database designed for use on Apple iPhones and Android devices. CLTS MOBO allows users to access the CLTS database via mobile devices. Visit your app store for this quick, easy, free and portable version of the CLTS database.

Recently, CCIA relaunched CLTS MOBO with a new design, simpler navigation and a birthdate reporting feature for age verification reporting. CLTS MOBO also offers data and event submission using Optical Character Recognition technology, which converts images into editable, searchable data.

Moving forward, CCIA’s Information Technology group will continue to enhance CLTS MOBO by enabling more reportable animal events, an approved animal indicator/tag ordering feature and a voice command feature.

Check out the CLTS MOBO user guide.