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The CLTS Resource Centre (CRC) is a collection of useful information, step by step instructions and guidelines that are designed to help you use the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) quickly, easily and effectively.


The Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) is a national database created to make it easier for producers to record tag information. Account holders are able to report important information to the database such as animal identification, premises identification and movement of the animal.

CCIA manages the database which helps keep track of livestock in Canada for health and safety purposes and ensures the unique history of each animal can be traced from farm to abattoir, creating a successful traceability system in Canada.

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Premises ID

Premises identification (PID) is a way of linking livestock to land locations. Having a premises identification number for your operation allows for traceability information to be accessed quickly for the protection of animal health, public health and market access for your industry.

The first step is to obtain a PID number. Each Canadian Province and Territory has specific guidelines for creating a premises identification number. For information regarding premises registration in your province, go to FAQ – How can I get my Premises ID number?

Your PID number is then used when reporting the receipt or departure of animals from this premises and is required to complete movement events in the CLTS. For detailed instructions on how to add or edit your PID in your CLTS account, Click here

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CLTS MOBO is a free and portable version of the CLTS database for a mobile device. The app can be easily downloaded and installed but users must have an active CLTS account and user credentials to login to the CLTS MOBO. Users can submit animal birthdates, movement, retired and disposed events quickly and easily to the CLTS database. CLTS MOBO features OCR technology, barcode and tag reader scanning for tag number input instead of manually entering them. The offline mode feature allows users to input data when out of the service area.

CCIA Webstore

Tags may be purchased on-line at or by calling CCIA Client Support toll free at 1.877.909.2333

The CCIA Webstore offers other products such as visual management tags and readers. 

All orders are shipped within 24 hours once your order is approved. Orders are sent by standard Canada Post.

For rush orders, shipping must be arranged by phone with CCIA prior to placing the order.

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