Tag Events

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This section of the manual provides information regarding tag events. Tag events are entered into the CLTS by tag manufacturers, tag distributors and tag dealers. They do NOT involve livestock.

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ManufacturedUsed to report allocated tag numbers that were manufactured as approved tags, by a tag manufacturing company.Oct 13, 2017
DistributedUsed to report approved tag numbers sold by a tag manufacturer to a tag distributor; or tags sold from a tag distributor/tag dealer to a tag dealer.Oct 13, 2017
IssuedUsed to report approved tag numbers sold to producers by tag manufacturers, tag distributors, or tag dealers.
Oct 13, 2017
ReturnedUsed to report approved tag numbers that have been returned to a tag dealer, tag distributor, or tag manufacturer, from a producer, tag dealer, or tag distributor. Oct 13, 2017