System Setup

The following is required to run the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) efficiently:

-An Internet connection supporting a minimum connection speed of 1Mb/s. Higher rates will improve performance and may be required if large bulk data files are to be transferred regularly to the database.

-A personal computer with Windows XP se (or more recent) with sufficient memory of 1GB or more;

-A monitor screen with a minimum resolution of 1024X768 or better;

-An accessible email account; This is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

-Adequate disk space to prepare and store data files that the user will be sending to the repository. The user will require a means of preparing these data files such that they comply with the format standard available from CCIA (i.e. MS Excel);

The table below contains links to software needed to run the CLTS. Most computers will already have the software below installed.

Please review all software below and install all recommended software unless the description field states otherwise.

You only need one web browser installed on your computer to use the CLTS.

All software, tools & utilities listed are copyrighted and/or licensed to the providing parties unless otherwise stated.

Please note that the CCIA is not responsible for the content provided by external links.

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SoftwareCLTS compatible versionsDescription
Internet Browsers (choose one)
Mozilla Firefox1.0+ Web browser to display the CLTS (Recommended web browser for CLTS)
Google Chrome3.0+Web browser to display the CLTS
Apple Safari4.0+Web browser to display the CLTS
Internet Explorer5.0+ Web browser to display the CLTS
Desktop Applications
Adobe ReaderNeeded to display PDF files (This is the recommended program to view PDF files)
Microsoft ExcelRecommended if you would like to purchase a spreadsheet program.
Open OfficeRecommended if you DO NOT have Microsoft Office installed on your computer.
Neo OfficeRecommended if your Apple/iMac computer DOES NOT have Microsoft Office installed.
Creating an email addressThis tutorial shows you the steps to create an email address at no cost that you can use for your CLTS account.

The CLTS requires JavaScript to be enabled in addition to the Session and Persistent Cookies

How to enable cookies and JavaScript