CLTS Introduction

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This section of the manual provides the basic information needed to set up your account and begin using the CLTS.

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Account ActivationThe steps required to create and activate your account.May 15, 2014
LayoutThis section describes the layout of the CLTS.May 27, 2014
Premises IdentificationTo acquire a premises identification number (PID) is to register a parcel of land defined by a legal land description, or in its absence, by geo-referenced coordinates, on which or any part of which animals, plants or food are grown, kept, assembled, or disposed of. The PID is required to complete movement events in the CLTS.

Each Canadian Province and Territory has specific guidelines for acquiring a PID, please Click Here to see the registrar contact information for your province. Once you have registered your legal land information with your provincial registrar you can add the provincially assigned premises identification number to your CLTS account.
October 27, 2016
Submitting an Event- File UploadThe steps required to submit information using the File Upload method. This method consists of using an excel template.September 15, 2014
Submitting an Event- Directly OnlineThe steps required to submit information using the Directly Online method. This method consists of using online forms.September 16, 2014
Transaction StatusThe steps required to check your submission transactions to confirm they have processed successfully without an error.September 16, 2014